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Supporting Reproducibility

Reproducibility for Everyone (R4E) and Research Space are pleased to announce a partnership to further their shared mission – enhancing the reproducibility of scientific research.

Reproducibility for Everyone is a community-led education initiative to increase adoption of open research practices at scale. R4E volunteer co-instructors run introductory workshops and share resources on tools and methods that accelerate research.

Research Space provides the RSpace electronic lab notebook, which, through integrations with a broad ecosystem of research tools, including data management planning tools like DMPTool and data repositories like Dataverse and Figshare, enables enhanced capture, sharing and re-use of research data.

Through promotion of each other’s activities, R4E and Research Space will be working together to spread the word about the importance of reproducibility and ways in which it can be achieved through adoption of research practices and tools.

Sara El-Gebali, project leader for metadata and curation at the SciLifeLab Data Centre in Sweden, founder of OpenCIDER (Open Computational Inclusion and Digital Equity Resource) and advocate for community building and the promotion of underrepresented groups in STEM fields, commented: “I am very pleased to see the collaboration between R4E and Research Space.  I appreciate their commitment to Open Research Practices and active engagement with the research community, including support of fit for purpose solutions and integrations.” To learn more contact us at:

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