Choose the RSpace edition that's right for you

Whether you're an individual researcher, a research group, or an institution providing for thousands of researchers, there's an RSpace made for your needs. What is more, all editions include a fully-featured ELN, so you do not have to compromise.

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RSpace Editions


For individuals and groups wanting a taste of RSpace's offerings


with unlimited storage


Fully-featured ELN

✔ Shared cloud instance

✔ Access to a large number of integrations

✔ Limited data and audit trail retention period for inactive users

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For teams needing an offering more tailored to their needs


academic annual subscription

Up to 15 users

Additional seats can be purchased for $180/user/year


commercial annual subscription

Up to 15 users

Additional seats can be purchased for $360/user/year


Fully-featured ELN

✔ Private AWS instance in the supported regional data center closest to you

RSpace Inventory

✔ Access to even more integrations

✔ Basic training

✔ System administrator role and features

✔ Hierarchical tiered admin

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For academia and biotechs looking for an enterprise-grade offering


academic annual subscription
(minimum order)

Minimum order of $18,000

Up to 100 seats

Volume discounts for
large deployments


commercial annual subscription
(minimum order)

Minimum order of $18,000

Up to 50 seats

Volume discounts for
large deployments


Fully-featured ELN

✔ Your choice between an on-premises deployment, or a private AWS instance in a location of your choice

RSpace Inventory

✔ Access to all integrations

✔ Comprehensive training

Unlimited teaching licenses at no extra cost

✔ SSO support through SAML2 (Shibboleth) and LDAP (Active Directory)

✔ System administrator role and features

✔ Hierarchical tiered admin

✔ Co-branding

✔ HIPAA compliance (additional charge)

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Migration made easy

If you want to try RSpace on the free Community Edition and later migrate to your own Team/Enterprise Edition server, then each user can export and seamlessly import all their data from one server to another.

It is not possible to migrate digital signatures or full audit history from one server to another, so if stringent intellectual property protection is important to your organization, you should consider starting with a Team/Enterprise server right away.

Teaching licenses at no extra cost

It's important that students are familiarised with the tools they will use in their research as early as possible. This is why we can set up an RSpace server for education that teachers and students can use without limits for their lab work, reports, or FAIR data initiation.

The education server comes with unlimited licenses and at no extra cost, and is exclusively available to our Enteprise customers with 100 licenses or more; find more details in our documentation.

Learn more about our ELN

Everything you'd expect from a modern ELN

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Feature-rich notebook

✔ Rich content
✔ Folders & notebooks
✔ Chemical structures
✔ Sketches
✔ Snippets & annotations

Easy collaboration

✔ Share resources with labs
✔ Collaborative editing
✔ Templates
✔ Communities

Powerful search & linking

✔ Link documents & data together for reproducibility
✔ Link to institutional filestores
✔ Link to repositories and archives

Flexible import & export

✔ Import from Word
✔ Import from
✔ Export as HTML, XML, PDF, DOC
✔ Export to an external repository (eg. Dataverse)

Data security & compliance

✔ 21 CFR 11 compliant
✔ Signing & witnessing
✔ Full audit trail

Support in deployment

✔ Cloud & on-prem options
✔ Custom onboarding
✔ Setup & on-going training and support
✔ SAML2 (Shibboleth) and LDAP (Active Directory) support
✔ System Admin features

Learn more about Inventory

A powerful, modern inventory system that's fully integrated with the ELN

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✔ Easily configurable sample templates
✔ List, grid, and visual containers
✔ High level of flexibility & customisation
✔ User engagement throughout development
✔ Toggleable views: tree, card, list
✔ Frictionless import flow


✔ Manage sample data from the ELN
✔ Lists of Materials used in experiments for reproducibility
✔ Global IDs of Inventory items for traceability
✔ Directly deposit research & sample data into Figshare & Dataverse

Intuitive & Visual

✔ Modern interface
✔ Mobile-first design approach
✔ Location breadcrumbs & parent links for easier navigation
✔ Powerful search-based system
✔ At-a-glance info panels and visual containers

See how we meet your needs

We have designed our software to be easy to use, deploy, and administer.


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