For Research Data Managers

The only ELN designed around FAIR principles

Championing support for PIDs and interoperability

Enables compliance with the new NIH Data Sharing Policy

RSpace is a conduit, not a silo

RSpace is designed to be a conduit for research data, connecting data management planning, active research, and public data sharing.

Integrated with other FAIR tools

Integrations with repositories such as Dataverse, Figshare, GitHub, and various storage facilities

✔ Bi-directional data flows between RSpace and DMPTool, ensuring comprehensive capture and tracking of research data throughout the research life cycle.

✔ Straightforward import from, and conversion to native RSpace document format

Make sample data FAIR with a fully integrated inventory system

✔ Extensive integration between RSpace ELN and Inventory, in order to support reproducibility in research

✔ Conveniently associate sample data from Inventory with the documentation of research in RSpace ELN

✔ Access and manage sample data from within the ELN

✔ Directly deposit research data and associated sample data from RSpace into Figshare and Dataverse

Compliance, made easy

21 CFR 11 compliant, GLP support

✔ Comprehensive GDPR compliance

✔ SSO support, hierarchic tiered admin

✔ Full audit trail of system events with timestamps, including changes made to research records

✔ Digital Signing & witnessing

Learn more about Security

Uniquely suited to comply with the NIH Data Sharing Policy

Under this new policy, all NIH grant applications that collect data will be required to submit a data management and sharing plan (DMSP) with their application. RSpace facilitates compliance through:

✔  Integrations Dataverse, Figshare and Dryad, enabling direct deposit of datasets from RSpace to these repositories

 Upcoming integration with Zenodo

 An integration between RSpace and DMPTool, offering a DMPTool → RSpace → Dataverse/Figshare workflow, enabling full compliance with the NIH Policy: see video below

Learn more about NIH compliance

A flexible, compliant solution used across Germany

✔ Germany is our largest and fastest growing market, with a German user group set up to share knowledge across institutions

✔ We work with our customers to develop features based on their needs, such as institutional file store access, user privacy enhancements, and integrations (Collabora Online, PyRAT, VREs)

✔ The ability to choose your deployment's location, including on-premises, easy migration from other ELNs, and support for institutional requirements make RSpace an attractive choice for German institutions

Learn more about RSpace in Germany

The importance of ELNs for reproducibility

A researcher's anecdote, highlighting the importance of reproducible research

A lab (that my lab worked very closely with), wanted to publish an article in a scientific journal. The used model organism was Drosophila melanogaster, taking advantage of the many genetic tools and mutations available.

During the review process of the journal, one reviewer remarked that one of the fly lines had an incomplete description of the genotype (this information can be very critical, as certain mutations and “genetic backgrounds” can have an effect on other parts of the genome, so cross influencing of different mutations and genetic insertions are a potential problem.).

The lab did not create the used fly line, and did not order it from a “Stock Center” (such as the Bloomington Drosophila research center), but obtained the flies from a collaborating lab. However, it turned out that the fly line also did not originate in this lab but was also obtained from another group. This led to a long period of backtracing, until finally, the original fly genotype and description of mutagenesis was found in a lab down this “rabbit hole”, in the old lab book of researcher who was not even working in said lab anymore.

All in all, this backtracing and searching through old files (and the reviewer who would not allow for publication without the full genetic information) delayed the publication by at least 6 months.

Easy migration from other ELNs

Moving to a new ELN can feel like a daunting task, which is why we are committed to making the switch to RSpace as straightforward as possible.

This is why we offer data migration services from other ELNs such as Benchling and Labfolder, so you don't need to worry about data loss or needing to manually recreate relationships between a large number of files.

Contact us to learn more about which ELNs we support and discuss migration.

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