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RSpace interconnects with all your tools and data, effortlessly

We aim to bridge the gap between wet lab researchers and computationalists

We all know that when data is not kept up to date, organised, and easily accessible, communication cracks start to form in the research process. Issues are especially likely to emerge when there is no streamlined data handing-over process or a centralised database of research and its associated data.

RSpace aims to change this through a focus on interconnectivity and a powerful API, that enable us to play the role of a conduit in the research process; a one-stop shop to interact with all your data.

Integrated with
your computational tools

RSpace integrates with modern analytical tools and programming languages such as Python and R. The video below shows an example workflow, where our modern API is used to send data back and forth between RSpace and an external tool for analysis.

Customizable data and file management with a powerful API

✔ Integrate RSpace into existing workflows by using the RSpace API, enabling programmatic search, review and retrieval of data

✔ Our next-gen Inventory system is built with an API-first mindset, meaning all actions performed through the system's interface can be reproduced through the API

✔ Extensive documentation, examples and open-source client libraries for interacting with the API

Enjoy unrivaled connectivity

In addition to our API, our built-in integration ecosystem enables you to connect to the tools and data you already use, saving you time and effort throughout all stages of research.

We even integrate with institutional file systems, so you can access and link to your research data from within RSpace without hassle.

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What our customers say:

“We are working on the integration of measuring devices using the very well documented API of RSpace, connecting RSpace to a chemical inventory and to primary data in a long-term storage system.”

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