For PIs & Lab Admins

Manage your lab group and collaborate with ease

Designed with PIs in mind

✔ Access everyone's lab notebook when at home or on the go with fully digital data, including photos

✔ Internal links between RSpace documents and external links to cloud storage or university filestores, for traceability at a lab level

✔ Open lab autosharing feature: documents are automatically shared with all lab members

✔ Delegate lab management with the Lab Admin role

Collaboration features for labs

✔ Collaborate using Slack & Microsoft Teams

✔ Save time with Office365 round-trip editing

✔ Custom Templates & Forms provide a helpful lab entry format for lab members

✔ Within a lab, share resources, edit collaboratively,  set up automatic sharing of work

✔ Control over the shared folder structure, independent of users' personal workspace structure

✔ Collaboration between labs through Collaboration Groups

Move data around, while keeping track of it

✔ Organise documents into Folders and Notebooks

✔ Powerful file and document import and export

✔ Straightforward archiving & downloading of all data

✔ Generate backups that go straight into a repository, such as Amazon S3

✔ Versioning and revision history

See full feature list

Enjoy unrivaled connectivity

Our extensive integrations ecosystem enables you to connect to the tools and workflows you are used to, saving you time and effort throughout all stages of the research process.

Integrated with other tools you already use

✔ Access and link to files in cloud storage: Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive

✔ Access and link to files in institutional filestores

✔ Straightforward import from, and conversion to native RSpace document format

✔ Powerful RSpace API that supports your workflows

✔ And many more integrations!

Use and manage samples, from within the ELN

✔ A fully integrated ELN and Inventory module to speed up your workflows

✔ Powerful batch import of sample data to get you up and running in no time

✔ Conveniently associate sample data from Inventory with the documentation of research in RSpace ELN

✔ Access and manage sample data from within the ELN through a List of Materials

✔ View items owned by a specific lab member

Support for chemistry and biology tools

✔ Draw chemical structures and reactions, or import ChemDraw files with our ChemAxon integration

✔ Export to standard formats: ChemDraw, mol, SMILES

✔ Sophisticated ChemDraw structure search

✔ 3D rotation of structures

✔ Work with SnapGene DNA sequence files

Excellent customer support

✔ Comprehensive PI documentation to get new PIs and Lab Admins up to speed

✔ Responsive and quality customer support, through email and in-app chat

✔ Extensive experience with academic institutions in understanding your needs

✔ Personalised up-front training and onboarding help

"We liked the flexibility of the program and the friendliness of RSpace. Customer service has been really good."

Monica Lopez Lugo, Baylor College of Medicine

Compliance and IP protection

21 CFR 11 compliant

✔ GLP compliant

✔ Hierarchic tiered admin

✔ Full audit trail of system events with timestamps, including changes made to research records

✔ Digital signing & witnessing

Learn more about Security

Teaching licenses at no extra cost

It's important that students are familiarised with the tools they will use in their research as early as possible. This is why we can set up an RSpace server for education that teachers and students can use without limits for their lab work, reports, or FAIR data initiation.

The education server comes with unlimited licenses and at no extra cost, and is exclusively available to our Enteprise customers with 100 licenses or more; find more details in our documentation.

Don't take our word for it! Researchers' perspectives

Postdoc Jenny Ro explains why RSpace fits her research workflow.

A more in-depth talk by Dr Ralitsa Madsen on how she uses RSpace to ensure reproducibility, presented at Edinburgh ReproducibiliTea.

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