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We offer a future-proof compliance solution for the changing needs of institutions

Making research data FAIR – findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable – is fundamentally changing the way research is conducted and shared. Initiatives such as the NIH Data Sharing Policy showcase this massive culture change in research practises that focus on FAIR principles and open sharing. This is why RSpace is designed around FAIR principles and enables compliance with the NIH Data Sharing Policy: because we know FAIR data is the future, and that institutions need certainty that the tool they are adopting will enable their researchers to adopt and maintain FAIR data practises.

Uniquely suited to comply with the NIH Data Sharing Policy

Under this new policy, all NIH grant applications that collect data will be required to submit a data management and sharing plan (DMSP) with their application. RSpace facilitates compliance through:

✔ RSpace integrates with Dataverse, Figshare and Dryad, enabling direct deposit of datasets from RSpace to these repositories. Zenodo is coming soon!

✔ We offer a new integration that supports a DMPTool → RSpace → Dataverse / Figshare workflow, enabling full compliance with the NIH Policy:

✔ Julie Goldman from the Countway Library at Harvard Medical School describes how the DMPTool → RSpace → Dataverse workflow is being used to support researchers and to enable compliance at HMS:

✔ The DMPTool–RSpace–Figshare workflow is demonstrated in the following video:

✔ The DMPTool–RSpace–Dryad workflow is demonstrated in the following video:

✔ RSpace can take the unique identifier of the data bundle generated by your target repository and automatically return that identifier to a specified Data Management Plan held in DMPTool, for enhanced traceability of data from initial plan to repository.

✔ Users can pull related data files held in external SMB or SFTP filestores directly into RSpace export bundles that are sent to repositories, enhancing the ability to unite experimental notes and records with large datasets stored outside of RSpace.

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All the compliance features you'd expect from a next-gen ELN

✔ Digital signing & witnessing

✔ Audit trail & version history

✔ Single Sign-On support

✔ GDPR compliant

✔ 21 CFR 11 compliant

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RSpace is a conduit, not a silo

RSpace is designed to be a conduit for research data, connecting data management planning, active research, and public data sharing. We integrate with a vast array of FAIR tools and repositories to ensure we support your individual workflow.

Make sample data FAIR with a fully integrated inventory system

✔ Extensive integration between RSpace ELN and Inventory, in order to support reproducibility in research

✔ Conveniently associate sample data from Inventory with the documentation of research in RSpace ELN

✔ Access and manage sample data from within the ELN

✔ Directly deposit research data and associated sample data from RSpace into Figshare and Dataverse

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