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The following RSpace adoption case studies showcase the process of ELN evaluation, selection and onboarding at various institutions. We hope that hearing from our existing customers provides a better understanding of the benefits and features of RSpace and demonstrates our engagement in the onboarding process.

Sara El-Gebali, Research Data Manager Team Leader

Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine

Sara overviews the process of moving from OneNote to RSpace at MDC, including results from surveys, compliance needs, analysis of potential solutions, and advice on how to choose an institutional ELN.

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Özlem Özkan, Research Data Manager & Manager of ELN Project

Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine

Özlem Özkan overviews MDC's decision process and must-have features for an institutional ELN. She also describes the onboarding timeline, support channels made available to support researchers, and takeaways from the whole process of onboarding researchers.

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James Wilson, Head of Research Data Services

University College London

A detailed presentation on UCL's requirements and evaluation of ELNs for adoption, and their rationale for choosing RSpace. RSpace's strengths include avoiding vendor lock-on, ability to export data in range of formats, good API, and good documentation and help guides among others.

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Chris Doherty, Head of Laboratory Operations

Centre for Cardiovascular Science, The University of Edinburgh

“When it became clear that the feedback was overwhelmingly positive and users were very happy with the ease of access and quality of support, it was decided that RSpace was the right ELN for CVS.”

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Fabian Monheim, System Administrator

Leibniz Institute on Aging, Fritz Lipmann Institute (FLI)

“Now, the users savor ELN functions like full-text search, revision control, working together on documents, linking files and the possibility to share the ELN across the team and access it from home.”

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Trusted by institutions and researchers worldwide



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