For IT & Admins

Flexible deployment options, integrations with filestores, admin controls, and a focus on security

Deployment options that give you control over your data's location

✔ An AWS setup in your jurisdiction, set up and managed by us

✔ If you wish to have an on-premises deployment, we will work with you to install RSpace on your servers

✔ Hosting on a private cloud that you manage

✔ In all cases, data is located in your region, or in the EU for EU states

Customizable data and file management

✔ RSpace integrates with institutional file systems, so you can access and link to your research data from within RSpace

✔ With our wide range of tool integrations, keep the workflows your institution already uses

✔ Integrate RSpace into existing workflows by using the RSpace API, enabling programmatic search, review and retrieval of data

Designed to meet institutional needs

✔ Single sign-on (SSO) using LDAP or SAML2 mechanisms

✔ System Administrator role, ability to "operate as" a user for efficient problem-solving

✔ Full audit trail of system events with timestamps, including changes made to research records

✔ Digital signing & witnessing

Painless institutional deployments by design

✔ Extensive experience with different institutional IT environments

✔ Our proactive and directed approach to deployment encourages effective communication and enables a smooth, easy and timely deployment process

✔ Responsive IT support, comprehensive System Administrator documentation and deployment roadmap

Easy migration from other ELNs

Moving to a new ELN can feel like a daunting task, which is why we are committed to making the switch to RSpace as straightforward as possible.

This is why we offer data migration services from other ELNs such as Benchling and Labfolder, so you don't need to worry about data loss or needing to manually recreate relationships between a large number of files.

Contact us to learn more about which ELNs we support and discuss migration.

Securing personal user and scientific data is our priority

✔ User data is encrypted at rest and over a network

21 CFR 11 compliant, GLP support

✔ SSO support through SAML2 (Shibboleth) and LDAP (Active Directory), hierarchic tiered admin

✔ Protection against OWASP Top 10 web application security vulnerabilities

✔ Backup and disaster recovery strategies

✔ Independent security accreditation

Learn more about Security

Privacy is paramount

✔ Comprehensive GDPR compliance

✔ Privacy-enhancing features, such as hiding last login time information from other users

✔ An understandable Privacy Policy written in straightforward language

Learn more about Compliance

What our customers say:

“We are working on the integration of measuring devices using the very well documented API of RSpace, connecting RSpace to a chemical inventory and to primary data in a long-term storage system.”

Read about the Fritz Lipmann Institute

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