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RSpace is an open-source platform that orchestrates research workflows into FAIR data management ecosystems


RSpace serves as a front-end to enable capture, association, and tracking of data, metadata and persistent identifiers (PIDs) stored both within RSpace, and within the ecosystem of external resources and institutional file systems with which it connects.


RSpace is a rich content management system that includes a fully featured electronic lab notebook deeply integrated with a modern, mobile-first sample management system, and enables flexible recording of sample and experimental data.


Through connectivity with a wide range of research resources, RSpace acts as a value-adding bridge between the active research phase and the planning, archiving, and storage phases of the research lifecycle, facilitating streamlined passage of data and metadata throughout the lifecycle, enhancing FAIRness.

Electronic Lab Notebook

Produce polished and professional documents with ease using a powerful built-in editor

Link your samples, equipment and materials to documents, related files and DMP with just a click

Facilitate collaboration and always stay up-to-date with automatic document sharing, back-up, and auditing

Save time on data entry by utilizing custom experiment templates and workflows tailored to your specific research needs

Perform data analysis within the ELN environment, with built-in analysis tools and integrations with powerful software

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Simplify lab inventory and sample management with an intuitive and visually focused interface

Employ powerful search and sorting features to help you find what you need, when you need it

Access and update experiments from anywhere, using desktop or mobile devices

Optimize your workflow by utilizing powerful templates to easily create new samples, subsamples, and containers

Utilize barcodes and IGSN identifiers to streamline inventory tracking and management

We are a DataCite Registered Service Provider, and the first to provide IGSN ID creation and registration services.

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Leverage seamless connectivity between ELN and Inventory systems for efficient data exchange and workflow automation

Benefit from customizable integration solutions tailored to the specific requirements of research projects and laboratory workflows

Maintain a thorough and up-to-date record of research and equipment use with automatic updates between ELN and Inventory

Easily import and export your data at any time, in a wide variety of formats, including export to repositories in association with a data management plan

Incorporate the use of Persistent Identifiers (PIDs) to efficiently track and reference assets across ELN and Inventory

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Empowering your institution's research ecosystem

RSpace is a versatile open-source platform designed for seamless deployment in cloud or on-premise environments. It also easily integrates within any existing research infrastructure.

Leveraging over two decades of collective experience and expertise in institutional research data management and the RSpace platform, the Research Space team supports research organizations, research commons, and cloud providers in delivering high quality infrastructure.

We achieve this through RSpace Solutions - a suite of enterprise-grade services tailored to help implement, adopt, and maintain a modern, integrated, and continuously evolving FAIR research data ecosystem.

RSpace SolutionsLearn more about deployment

Supercharge your Research Commons

For many years, RSpace has been active in exploring interoperability between research tools to enable FAIR data, developing expertise in our role and potential within a research commons infrastructure.

This has naturally led to involvement with the Global Open Research Commons (GORC) IG and WG, and the Mapping the Landscape of Digital Research Tools WG, which developed the MaLDReTH map of the Digital Tools Landscape.

We have also been a primary contributor to the development of REASON, the proposed Research Commons for Norway, as well as two similar initiatives: Canada's Alliance Cloud Connect, and the New England Research Cloud.

Our extensive experience in understanding the complexity and goals of research commons make us the ideal partner in enabling a successful shared infrastructure.

Trusted by institutions and researchers worldwide

Leibniz Institute on Aging - Fritz Lipmann Institute (FLI), Germany

“Now, the users savor ELN functions like full-text search, revision control, working together on documents, linking files and the possibility to share the ELN across the team and access it from home.”

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Centre for Cardiovascular Science, The University of Edinburgh

“When it became clear that the feedback was overwhelmingly positive and users were very happy with the ease of access and quality of support, it was decided that RSpace was the right ELN for CVS.”

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Trusted by institutions and researchers worldwide

We are proud to be deployed at:


Harvard University



Leiden University




Particles for Humanity


Seattle Children's


TU Delft

The Arctic University of Norway




University of Bonn

University of Edinburgh

University of Geneva

University of Göttingen