For BioTech Managers

A flexible, connected solution for your business

Is RSpace right for you?

All biotechs are not created equal. Neither are all ELNs. If the following fits you, RSpace might be a good choice:

✔  You are at seed/Series A stage

✔  You need to document your research in an organized, comprehensive and compliant fashion

✔  You want an Inventory management system that is well integrated into the ELN

✔  The ELN and Inventory need to be easy to learn and use

✔  You want an affordable solution

Enjoy unrivaled connectivity

Our extensive integrations ecosystem enables you to connect to the tools and workflows you are used to, saving you time and effort throughout all stages of the research process.

Integrated with your existing workflows

✔ Link to files on Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, Egnyte, and external stores and databases

✔ Integrations with Github,, Slack, MS Teams, Office Online and other apps and resources

✔ Powerful RSpace API enables development of custom integrations

✔ And many more integrations!

A usable tool your team will actually adopt

✔ Designed for use on desktops and all kinds of mobile devices

✔ Import and export Word docs, retaining formatting

✔ Snippets and templates save time in repetitive tasks

✔ Flexible group creation and document sharing supports research groups and client communication

✔ Support for structured workflows with form and template building

Use and manage samples, from within the ELN

✔ A fully integrated ELN and Inventory module to speed up your workflows

✔ Powerful batch import of sample data to get you up and running in no time

✔ Conveniently associate sample data from Inventory with the documentation of research in RSpace ELN

✔ Access and manage sample data from within the ELN through a List of Materials

✔ View items owned by a specific lab member

Flexible data structuring & reporting

✔ Organise documents into Folders and Notebooks

✔ Powerful file and document import and export, for easy sharing with investors and regulators

✔ Straightforward archiving & downloading of all data

✔ Generate backups that go straight into a repository, such as Amazon S3

✔ Versioning and revision history

See full feature list

Collaboration features for research groups

✔ Collaborate using Slack & Microsoft Teams

✔ Save time with Office365 round-trip editing

✔ Custom Templates & Forms provide a helpful research entry format for team members

✔ Within a research group, share resources, edit collaboratively, set up automatic sharing of work

✔ Control over the shared folder structure, independent of users' personal workspace structure

✔ Collaboration between research groups through Collaboration Groups

Compliance and IP protection

21 CFR 11 compliant

✔ GLP compliant

✔ Comprehensive GDPR compliance

✔ Full audit trail of system events with timestamps, including changes made to research records

✔ Digital Signing & witnessing

Learn about Compliance

Easy migration from other ELNs

Moving to a new ELN can feel like a daunting task, which is why we are committed to making the switch to RSpace as straightforward as possible.

This is why we offer data migration services from other ELNs such as Benchling and Labfolder, so you don't need to worry about data loss or needing to manually recreate relationships between a large number of files.

Contact us to learn more about which ELNs we support and discuss migration.

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