Deployment options that give you control over your data's location

We offer several options to ensure you have full control over your data:

✔ If you wish to have an on-premises deployment, we will work with you to install RSpace on your servers

✔ RSpace can be hosted on a private cloud that you manage

✔ If you want an AWS set up and managed by us, you can decide the regional location of the cloud server

✔ In all cases, data is located in your region, or in the EU for EU states

Comprehensive GDPR compliance

✔ The scope and purpose of our data processing is in line with GDPR; we only process data as necessary and ensure data location is kept within the EU for EU customers

✔ Your data is kept fully confidential

✔ We can provide an up-to-date copy of all data as requested

✔ We can deploy RSpace on your GDPR-compliant on‑premises or cloud environment

✔ We sign the Processor Agreement provided by our customers, to ensure transparency in the scope and purpose of processing:

Sample Processor Agreement

Can be deployed in a HIPAA compliant environment or VRE/Science Gateway

✔ Robust role-based access controls

✔ A complete audit trail and version history for actions that create, modify, or delete records

✔ Powerful exporting to HTML, XML or PDF for archiving, inspection, or review

✔ Digital signing & witnessing

✔ And many more features that ensure the authenticity, integrity and confidentiality of records

Comprehensive privacy & security features

✔ Privacy-enhancing features, such as hiding last login time information from other users

✔ An understandable Privacy Policy written in straightforward language

21 CFR 11 compliant, GLP support

✔ SSO, LDAP/SAML2 support, hierarchic tiered admin

Privacy Policy Learn about Security

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