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July 22, 2022

Electronic Laboratory Notebooks | Challenges and steps to solutions

In early March, we attended an RDA discussion on ELN adoption by the RDARI (Research Infrastructures) Interest group. We greatly appreciate the opportunity to listen in on these events, as learning and talking to research data managers that are in the process of selecting or adopting an ELN is invaluable for better understanding the current pain points with the process and reflect on potential solutions, and how RSpace can contribute to solving these issues.

While there is no recording for the event, the virtual whiteboard from the discussion is accessible with guest access.

RSpace is a fully integrated sample management and electronic lab notebook solution. Build a record of your research in an ELN that connects with the research tools you already use: request a demo or contact us to learn more.

Research Integrity @ MTU - From Idea to Dissemination

July 26, 2022

Rory attended an online symposium held by the Munster Technological University on the 18 May. Talks covered the topics of FAIR data, open access and RDM.

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Enhancing reusability with interoperable FAIR tools: RSpace and FAIMS Mobile

July 22, 2022

Shawn Ross (Director of the FAIMS Project) gave a joint talk with Rory at IDCC22 about the planned integration between RSpace and FAIMS Mobile, aimed to enhance reproducibility and sample metadata capture.

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Bringing Together Data Management and Computation - Social and Architectural Challenges

July 21, 2022

This RDA event focused on data management and computation ecosystems, and the challenges involved in bringing these worlds together. The session included case studies in institutional deployments and discussions on approaches for overcoming the barriers to integration between data and computing.

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RSpace at the Research Notebooks Community Discussion

July 18, 2022

The discussion featured case studies of ERN adoption, including presentations by Özlem Özkan (MDC) and James Wilson (UCL) on their ERN evaluation process, onboarding, and why they chose RSpace.

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