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RSpace now available to run on Docker

From RSpace 1.69, we’re pleased to announce that it’s possible to run RSpace using Docker. This greatly simplifies installation and enables a running, fully featured RSpace in a few minutes.

Running RSpace on Docker will be useful in many cases, for example if  you are:

  • A developer working with the RSpace API (e.g. an app developer, or script developers). Being able to use a sandbox instance of RSpace to test your applications/scripts against will speed up development and avoid polluting your RSpace account with documents generated in testing.

  • A potential customer wanting to evaluate RSpace on-premises and want to get started easily and quickly. Installing regular RSpace isn’t hugely difficult but does take some time and patience to configure. 

  • A potential customer working exclusively in a  Windows or MacOSX server  environment that we don’t support native deployment for. 

We are not yet recommending using RSpace-on-Docker for a full, heavily-used production system; we are still evaluating  maintenance, backup and recovery SOPs.

For more details please look at the RSpace-on-Docker documentation or get in touch with us!

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