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RSpace 1.69 preview

It’s been a while since we last previewed a release. 1.69 is about to roll off the press with some improvements to usability that people have asked for recently.

First off, we’ve greatly improved image-editing capability. It’s often the case after uploading an image from a mobile or tablet that it needs to be rotated, flipped or cropped, and this is now available from the Gallery using the new ‘Edit’ button:

You can then choose and apply the transformation – here we’re cropping the blank bottom part of the gel photo. After confirming, RSpace saves the edited image as a new, independent image.

Manipulating images can be controversial, so RSpace keeps a link from the edited image (and any of its derivatives) back to the original image. The original image remains unaltered.

Also, images now have their name captioned, when they are inserted into RSpace documents.

Secondly, if you are tired of opening  the Symbol dialog to add in Greek symbols for protein or chemical names, or even just ‘μl’ or ‘μM’, then we have fixed this by enabling keyboard shortcuts to any symbols. From the ‘Shortcuts’ toolbar:

There is now a tab where you can choose to configure Symbol shortcuts:

You can make a shortcut to any symbol.

We’ve also added a ‘forgot username’ flow, which works in a similar way to the ‘forgot password’ flow.

As always you can see the full changelog in our HelpDocs Changelog.

Many thanks for reading and your continued suggestions.

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