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RSpace 1.58 preview

We’re about to release RSpace version 1.58 – here’s a preview of some of the new features and improvements this release.

New integrations

Two new integrations – firstly, we’ve added ownCloud as an external file provider. You can now easily link to, or import content from, an ownCloud server:

After choosing this option and authenticating, you can insert one or more links to files or folders.

Please ask your RSpace administrator if you would like this service enabled.

Secondly, we’ve developed an importer for Evernote exports. Evernote is a popular choice when a lab is considering moving to digital notebooks but hasn’t yet decided on which ELN to adopt. You can now easily transfer data from Evernote:
Firstly, in Evernote App, select notes to export (this isn’t available in the Evernote website)

Now choose ‘enex’ format in the ensuing dialog:

Now you can import this Evernote file into RSpace. Make sure that Evernote is ‘enabled’ in RSpace Apps tab, then ‘Create from Evernote’ in the create menu:

Each Evernote ‘Note’ will be created as an RSpace document, and images and attachments will also be imported. This feature is also available through RSpace API to facilitate batch imports.

External File Stores

Behind the scenes, we’ve been refactoring our FileStore code to be independent of where the files are actually stored. In the first instance we’ve been working with Egnyte , a secure cloud file storage service,  to host an RSpace file store. This means that files uploaded as part of a research data capture can be hooked into an organisation’s wider data workflows; for example by triggering actions in Egnyte’s Events API.

RSpace interface improvements

Three notable improvements – firstly, when making links to other RSpace documents, you can now find the documents you want to link to by searching, as well as browsing:




Secondly, when editing a long document, the transition to ‘edit’ mode will remember where you clicked in the  document, so you no longer have to scroll all the way back down the document to start typing in the right place.

Thirdly, for mobile /tablet users, there is a new, big button to make it much easier to upload images or take photos direct into RSpace:

Many thanks for reading, and for the continuous flow of ideas and suggestions to improve the product.

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