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RSpace 1.52 preview

We’ve just released RSpace version 1.52 and will be updating all our servers over the next few days. The focus on this release is  on usability, addressing frequently asked for features, and fixing some inconsistencies in existing behaviour.

Many people have been asking for keyboard shortcuts for common editing operations. You’ll now be able to set these from the ‘Shortcuts’ action in the File menu:

which will produce a pop up where you can set as many shortcuts as you like, just by typing the shortcut you’d like.

We’ve also added ‘mentions ‘- you can send a notification to someone about a document you’re editing. Just type ‘@’ and you’ll get a drop-down list of people who can see the document.

Just choose one of them and they’ll instantly get notified with a link to the document!

Our other main productivity improvement is being able to paste in IDs to RSpace resources and they’ll appear as formatted links, just as if you’d added them in from the Gallery or as internal links. E.g. if you have an ID for a Powerpoint file, GL5740, just paste it in and you’ll be able to preview it:

We’ve also made significant improvements to existing functionality, including image rotation, code snippet editing and the new integration.

Thanks for reading – as always,  please keep suggestions coming in!


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