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Open sourcing our repository code

Over the last few  years we’ve been committed to supporting the research data management community by enabling RSpace  to send data from your ELN to repositories such Figshare, Dataverse and DSpace. We’ve also made available as open-source libraries Java SDKs to Figshare and Dataverse.

However there are many more repositories than these three – some public such as Zenodo, and others that are local to a research institution or company. A repository, in our view, is any destination where data can be stored with some formatted metadata – even if it’s just a bucket on Amazon S3.

To celebrate RepositoryFringe 2017, we’re now opening up some of our source code to enable third party developers to implement their own repository integrations with RSpace. This code, our Repository Service Provider Interface (SPI) is a collection of utility Java classes and interfaces whose implementations  connect and send ELN data and metadata from RSpace to its destination. The project also contains some example code showing the implementation we did for Figshare deposits, which we hope will give people a head start in writing implementations for other repositories.

Coming soon, we’ll also be extending our API to enable programmatic export of ELN data – this will be another route to getting data from RSpace into a repository.

Thanks for reading and of course we look forward to any comments and suggestions.


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