Connect your Data
Best in Class eLab Notebook
  • Intuitive organisation of lab data and access to shared resources
  • Create rich content: tables, annotations, chemical structures, sketches
  • Strong file management, intuitive document sharing, powerful search
  • Automate tasks with templates, re-usable formats and snippet content
  • Secure – protect intellectual property, and safely store data
Easy to get up and running
  • Set up a group in seconds – see our Getting Started guide
  • Flexible – adapts to how you work
  • Dedicated and responsive support for data import and team set-up
Collaborate – in the Lab and with Other Labs
  • Share Documents
  • Collaborative editing and streamlined internal communications
  • Create and share templates to ensure common workflows
  • Collaborate with any lab, anywhere in the world
  • Enjoy all the collaborative features of lab groups
Integrates with existing data sources and workflows
  • Integrates with Dropbox, Box, Google Drive and others
  • Exports data to a choice of formats for presentations, archiving or publications
  • Compliant with funding bodies’ Data Management requirements, 21 CFR Part 11
  • Comprehensive publish and share options
Better Lab Management
  • PI view of all documents created by lab members
  • Delegate administration and management
  • Supervise lab members and assign tasks
  • Access your research and monitor on the move 24/7
  • Build a knowledge bank of protocols and workflows
  • Fast on-boarding of new lab members
Supports you and your data through your career
  • Move seamlessly between RSpace Community and RSpace Enterprise
  • Export data to institutional and domain-specific archives and repositories
  • Export data for publications
Protect IP and maintain compliance
  • Full audit trail automatically created by RSpace
  • Secure and easily managed signing and witnessing features
  • Multiple support for 21 CFR 11