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Our Team

Rory Macneil
(CEO and Cofounder)

Rory leads the RSpace team in the pursuit of our objective, which is to facilitate better science by making it easier for researchers and their institutions to capture, manage and re-use research data. He focuses on aligning our strategic direction with market developments, understanding user and customer needs, business development, and identifying and developing collaborations with companies with synergistic offerings. Rory has more than 15 years’ experience in the scientific software industry, prior to which he worked as a lawyer and built and eventually sold a consulting firm in China. He moved to Boston in 2016 to develop a US presence for Research Space, and in 2017 moved into the Harvard Launch Lab in Boston.



Rob Day
(Director of Sales)

Rob, who has more than 15 years’ experience in the electronic lab notebook industry, leads our sales efforts. His familiarity with the previous as well as the current generation of products gives Rob a uniquely good perspective on user needs and the best ways of translating them into product development priorities. His demos of RSpace are legendary, often producing cries of delight from those who weren’t expecting such elegance or performance from a humble piece of software. At the heart of Rob’s ability to connect with researchers is the empathy and understanding he has for working in the lab, dating back to his time as an undergrad, and when he got his MsC in Biology at Ohio State. Prior to joining RSpace Rob held positions at a number of scientific software companies, including most recently CERF. Rob is based in Columbus, Ohio.


Nigel Goddard
(Director of Product and Cofounder)

Nigel’s vision of providing simple tools that enable scientists to better manage research data lies behind the development of RSpace, and he continues to provide a strategic framework for its development that is informed by 15 years of engaging with life sciences researchers as well as his distinguished record of innovation in data science. His insights led to fundamental innovations in RSpace including the ability to link to external resources holding Big Data like sequencing data and images, which forms the heart of our Connected approach. Nigel is also Reader at the University of Edinburgh’s renowned School of Informatics. Nigel is based in Edinburgh.


Richard Adams

Richard leads product development at RSpace, and plays a key role in working with other members of the management team in determining development priorities in response to feedback from customers and strategic initiatives. He also leads interactions with our growing cohort of product collaborators. Prior to joining Research Space Richard led a team of developers at the University of Edinburgh working on software for systems biology. He holds a PhD in biochemistry from the University of Dundee and was a postdoc at Edinburgh working in molecular biology and developing software for genetics. Richard is based in Edinburgh.


Matthias Kowalski
(Lead Developer)

As Senior Developer Matthias works closely with Richard and other members of the management team to design and deliver new product features and enhancements. The breadth of his knowledge, his ingenuity and his ability to translate requirements into elegantly performing new features never ceases to amaze the rest of the team and delight users. Prior to joining Research Space Matthias worked in a variety of development roles for software companies in the UK and Poland. Matthias is based in Edinburgh.


Robert Lamacraft
(Software Engineer)

Robert is a software engineer specialising in the development of Web-based technical tools for mathematical and scientific professionals having previously worked in the financial and energy sectors; working to innovate in the areas of regulatory compliance, data consistency, and collaborative protocols. He completed his bachelor’s degree at King’s College London, and his masters at the University of Edinburgh — where he continues to be based.





Bruce Mass

Bruce, who is Emeritus Vice Provost for IT and CIO from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, advises the RSpace team on engagement with universities. Bruce currently is the first Innovation Fellow at Internet2, Partnerships Evangelist at IMS Global, advisor to Armored Things, and I-School Industry Outreach Honorary Fellow in the UW-Madison School of Information. Bruce was an active member of the Big 10 Academic Alliance CIO council, served as the Board Chair for EDUCAUSE and on the IMS Global and the Unizin Consortium boards, and recently received the President’s Award from Internet2 for service to the Internet2 community. Bruce is based in Madison, Wisconsin.


Ralitsa Madsen
(Research Use Advisor)

Ralitsa completed her PhD studies in Medical Science at the University of Cambridge, where she was actively involved in promotion of Open Science principles as part of the University’s Data Champion programme. During her follow-up postdoc at the University of Edinburgh, Ralitsa started using RSpace and has since been actively involved in sharing her ELN experience with other researchers across the UK, while also providing the RSpace developer team with ideas for further improvements. Now a postdoc at the UCL Cancer Institute, Ralitsa is consulting on the adoption of ELN systems across the University and continues to be actively involved in Open Science advocacy.




The origins of RSpace go back to 2012, when in a trial researchers at the University of Wisconsin preferred its predecessor eCAT over a number of other electronic lab notebooks.  UW told us they’d like to roll eCAT out across the university.  Sadly we had to confess that this was not possible, because eCAT was designed for use by individual labs.

The good news is that we decided to bite the bullet, go back to the drawing board, and create a successor to eCAT that was even more user-friendly than eCAT, scalable, and supported multiple groups.

Over the past three years, we’ve worked closely with researchers, IT managers, data librarians and administrators at UW, the University of Edinburgh (we’re based here in Edinburgh), the University of Goettingen, and a number of other universities to create RSpace, the first electronic lab notebook designed for deployment throughout academic research institutions.

Going forward, we will continue to develop RSpace in partnership with collaborators at research institutions — that’s how we work!  Please let us know if you have ideas for features or capabilities that would improve RSpace – we’d love to hear from you!

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