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February 2, 2018

Looking ahead to RSpace 1.49

Product Updates

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The second week in February sees our first major release of 2018, 1.49. There’s quite a few new features and improvements to bring up.

First up, we’ve spruced up the top section of Notebook entries to give a cleaner, more easily navigable section. We now show the icon for the document type to help you locate entries faster:

As a further help to navigation and to help you find stuff quicker, we’ve added document previews which you can access from search results or anywhere you see the


If you’ve got many similar documents that can’t be discriminated easily by text or name search then this lets you eyeball documents much faster than opening each one separately to locate what you’re after.

One feature that many people have requested is to be able to add ad-hoc events to their calendars from RSpace – whether it’s simple to-do reminders, or meetings or scheduling your experiment. Well, finally this is possible, straight from the Workspace:

You can add links to documents and also schedule repeat events – for example here’s a reminder-to-self to collect cells for the next 3 days at 2pm:

Being able to share events with your lab group just missed 1.49, so please let us know if you’d like to be able to do this, and any other comments on this feature.

We always try to make RSpace quite flexible in how you choose to organise your work in folders, notebooks and documents. This flexibility can make it challenging to get started using RSpace for the first time, though. To make it easier for new users to get started, we’re introducing a very short workflow when you sign up  to introduce the main RSpace features and create your first Notebook. If you are a new user then – Welcome to RSpace! – and we’ll be very interested to hear any feedback you have  on the tour.

Finally, if you use Slack, you might like to know that we’ve enhanced the RSpace Slack App to be able to search RSpace from Slack, and also to post a message thread to RSpace. This means that if you have been discussing some work in Slack, and want to make this discussion part of your record of research in RSpace, you can now do this very easily. Please let us know if you want this installed – it will initially be available on our free Community edition RSpace.

Richard Adams

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