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As an early stage biotech you need to balance the needs to start making progress towards your next milestone with limited resources against the necessity of organizing your data in a way that lays the foundation for longer term IP protection and effective presentation of results to collaborators and investors.

RSpace enables you to:


Get started quickly with RSpace Community


  • Completely free to use, forever – free for individuals and groups, and unlimited free data storage
  • Web-based and setting up for a group takes only a few minutes
  • Easy to use
  • Fully featured – has all the capabilities of the Enterprise version

Import editable Word/Open Office docs and use in conjunction with Dropbox, One Drive, Google Drive and Slack

RSpace is designed to grow with You.

Transition to RSpace Enterprise at a time of YOUR choosing

  • Seamless data transfer from RSpace Community – no need for time consuming transfer from another system like One Note or Google Docs that no longer suits your growing research team
  • You get your own dedicated instance, installed on AWS or Azure (at your choice), full admin control, and the ability to link to data on lab and enterprise servers
  • Consolidate your data management by using RSpace to capture work done with and by CROs and academic collaborators
  • Scalability – up to hundreds of users who can be organized in multiple lab groups
  • At $1,500 + $200/user/year RSpace Enterprise is reasonably priced and will become affordable at some stage of your development, perhaps early on, perhaps later.

Innovators like Mass Innovation LabsMansfield Bio-Incubator and Pagliuca Harvard Life Lab also realize the importance of a rich digital research environment for success.

They use RSpace to help member startups accelerate their research and present it to key stakeholders like investors, lawyers, and regulators.

iconmonstr-quote-5-240  This valuable research tool adds to the arsenal of support we provide to companies in areas like setup, workflow, biosafety and other operational programs, ultimately helping companies start work quickly and significantly reduce the typical time it takes to set up lab operations.iconmonstr-quote-7-240

– Amrit Chaudhuri, CEO of Mass Innovation Labs

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