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RSpace’s PI role is intended to represent the leader of a lab, a course leader, or anybody with responsibility for other people’s work. PIs can create their own content, just as a regular user can, but in addition can:

  • Add and remove users from their group
  • Alter roles of people within their group
  • Organise content that is shared within the group
  • View content created by group members
  • Create collaboration groups with other PIs
  • View and search the audit trail for work performed by group members
  • Export and archive their group’s work

These features are explained in more depth in the subsequent sections on Lab Management, Groups, Collaboration Between Labs, and Data Management. The PI role and capabilities define them as the primary authority for a group, but much of the day-to-day work and most of their powers and permissions can be delegated to LabAdmins.

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