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Microsoft Teams integration

Since RSpace 1.46, you can now post messages about documents to a Microsoft Teams Channel, in a similar way to the Slack integration


Before starting, click on ‘Apps’ tab and ensure that Microsoft Teams App has been made available by your admin.
There are 2 stages to set this up:

A. In Microsoft Teams

In the Teams application, or in Chrome browser version, you must first set up a ‘Connector’ that Rspace will communicate with:

1.Click on the ‘Connectors’ menu for the Channel that you want RSpace to post to.

2.  choose to add a new Incoming Webhook by clicking its ‘Configure’ button:

3. Enter  a name, upload  a logo if you want to, then click ‘Create’:

4. Copy URL to clipboard then ‘Done’:

B. In RSpace
  1. Go to Apps tab then ‘Microsoft Teams’
  2. Click to Add a new web hook, then give your app a name ( you might want to post to other Teams Channels later).
  3. Paste in the URL you got from MS Teams website.
  4. Save the configuration, then remember to ‘Enable’ the app so that Teams buttons will appear in the RSpace UI.

You are now set up!

You can use this integration to post messages to Teams about a selection of documents :

or, if viewing an individual document:

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