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Richard Adams joins Helen Blanchett from Jisc at Repository Fringe 2018 to talk about integrating ELNs into open science services

On July 2 Richard Adams joined Helen Blanchett from Jisc at Repository Fringe 2018 to deliver a presentation, ‘Integrating repositories and eLab notebooks through an open science service’. The presentation describes Jisc’s investigation of including electronic lab notebooks in the Research Data Shared Service, and the benefits of Connected ELNs like RSpace.

Click here for a link to the original presentation!

Rory Macneil joins Harald Kusch to discuss the deployment of RSpace and Dataverse at the Dataverse Community

Rory Macneil joined Harald Kusch from the University of Goettingen to speak about Goettingen’s deployment of RSpace and Dataverse at the recent  Dataverse Community meeting in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  Their presentation illustrates how structure can be incorporated into datasets in RSpace, which can then be directly deposited into Dataverse.  The following video overviews how to deposit data from RSpace directly into Dataverse. and Research Space announce exciting partnership through integrations and Research Space are pleased to announce an integration of the RSpace electronic lab notebook with

“We are delighted to be associated with a like-minded partner such as Research Space,” says CEO Lenny Teytelman. “This is the first integration between and an electronic lab notebook, based on our public APIs. Our philosophy is that partnerships like this are good for, the ELN, and most importantly,  for scientists.” Read more

Nigel Goddard and Chris Brown from Jisc deliver new data management paper at EUNIS 2018

On June 6 Nigel Goddard joined Chris Brown from Jisc at EUNIS 2018 to deliver a paper, ‘Improving research data management through better integration of electronic lab notebooks and data repositories’.

Jack Suess, Vice President for IT and CIO at the University of Maryland Baltimore County and current chair of IMS Global and Chair of the Educause Board of Directors, commented on the paper. Click here for a link to the original presentation!

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Thanks to the incredible efforts of our dev team RSpace is improving at an outstanding pace. Due to the rapid development of RSpace, we are launching a new review section that will be published every six months. This section will cover the most important updates and changes in the RSpace ecosystem.

The first edition of the review concerns the second half of 2017.
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Bruce Maas, Emeritus University of Wisconsin CIO, Supports Open Research by Joining Research Space

Cambridge, Mass.–September 06, 2017
Bruce Maas, Emeritus Vice Provost for IT and CIO from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, has joined the Research Space team. Rory Macneil, CEO, said, “We’re thrilled Bruce has joined us at this critical juncture, as research universities adopt an integrated approach to managing research data.”
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Mass Innovation Labs Introduces RSpace to Member Companies

Electronic lab notebook provides valuable tool for conducting collaborative research

Cambridge, Mass.—March 27, 2017
Mass Innovation Labs, an accelerated chemistry and biology commercialization and research space located in Kendall Square, and Research Space, developer of an electronic lab notebook used by top universities, medical schools and life sciences companies around the world, announced today that RSpace will be made available to member companies at Mass Innovation Labs.
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Latest: Tech Invention and Innovation Forum 2016

ResearchSpace CEO Rory Macneil recently spoke at the Tech II Forum 2016, hosted by Harvard, along with other tech frontiers and industrial pioneers! The slides from his talk, titled “Where Little Data meets Big Data in Biomedical Research” can be viewed here

Venue: Harvard i-Lab
Date: November 12th 2016
Session: Data Science
Title: Where Little Data meets Big Data in Biomedical Research

Previous: Repository Fringe 2016

Venue: Edinburgh, Scotland – Dates: 1st – 2nd August 2016
Title: Paving the Way to Open and Interoperable Research Data Service Workflows
Session: Making a Difference with Data
Rory Macneil, ResearchSpace Chief Executive, spoke jointly  at the above session with Angus Whyte of the DCC and Stuart Lewis of the University of Edinburgh
Session slides

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