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Seamless integration of the RSpace e-notebook and and Research Space are pleased to announce an integration of the RSpace electronic lab notebook with This integration, described in the following brief video, enables researchers to link to and import protocols directly from into RSpace. allows scientists to create, copy, and evolve laboratory protocols, and publicly share them. The integration with RSpace enables researchers to streamline their workflows by incorporating examples from a growing library of protocols into their experimental write-ups in RSpace.

“We are delighted to be associated with a like-minded partner such as Research Space,” says CEO Lenny Teytelman. “This is the first integration between and an electronic lab notebook, based on our public APIs. Our philosophy is that partnerships like this are good for, the ELN, and most importantly,  for scientists.”

How it works

To insert a protocol from into RSpace, simply select “Create from”.  This exposes the directory, from which you can search and select a protocol for import into RSpace.  Authors, metadata about the original source, and publication data carry over to RSpace along with all the live links, images, and structured text such as tables.

To create a link to a protocol in when editing an RSpace document, click the “import from” icon. This exposes the directory.  Select the protocol you want, and by ticking the box next to that protocol, a link to the protocol will be created in the RSpace document you are working on.

Full documentation is available here.

This is the first phase of the RSpace/ integration, with deeper connections planned for the near future. We look forward to feedback and requests from our users on additional ways to facilitate connectivity between our platforms.

To learn more about the features of, visit   To learn more about the features of RSpace, visit


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