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RSpace 1.54 preview

We’ve just released RSpace version 1.54 and will be updating all our customer servers over the next few days. There are several significant improvements to existing functionality, and bug fixes  so we’d definitely recommend all self-managed customers to upgrade. Most of these improvements have been driven by user-feedback, so please keep telling us how you want RSpace improved!

Firstly, we’ve made it possible to list Deleted items, sorted by the time of deletion. This should make it much easier to quickly locate items you have recently deleted, perhaps if you’ve deleted something by accident.

In a similar vein, you can now sort the ‘Shared Documents’ listing by the time that you shared the document. This should again help you to find recently-shared items, for example if you need to quickly alter the file permissions.

We’ve also improved the granularity of the modification date of documents, now displaying it on a per-field basis. This information will also be included in exports. Hopefully this will give a better idea of the provenance of documents and a better idea of what is recently updated.
Finally, we’ve overhauled the ‘Sharing’ dialog. This had become quite confusing with various informational messages displaying, and it was difficult to be sure exactly who you were sharing with. For the standard use-case – sharing a document or notebook with your group, into  the Group Shared Folder, this should now be much clearer, in a 2-step process :

First, choose your group:






and now choose where to share into:

One of the important bug-fixes we’ve made is in response to how people are copying and pasting content between documents. Occasionally, if the copied content contained some of the RSpace HTML, the pasted content wouldn’t display properly, or would cause the target document to render strangely. This is now fixed.

Last but not least, we are continually rolling out layout and styling changes across the application. We are aiming to make RSpace more pleasant and attractive to use, so please let us know what you think!




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