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New version of RSpace coming soon!

In the RSpace development team,  we’re now getting ready to release the next version of RSpace, 1.30. In this release, we’ve overhauled and improved 2 features that people were finding problematic – File upload and Messaging. File upload will be now much more responsive, with a progress monitor, and the opportunity to cancel uploads. Messaging should be more robust, with better pagination of message listings.
For Enterprise customers, we’ve been working to integrate with institutional systems. Now, we’ve enabled LDAP integration, so that RSpace accounts can be populated from existing institutional user data. We’ve also developed an integration with Shibboleth, to help with Single SignOn.
We hope you enjoy using 1.30, which will be out next week. As always,  thanks to users for submitting feature requests and bug reports; we do consider them all,  and act on as many as we can.

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