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Connect your Data
Integrates with research data management infrastructure
  • Integrate with existing file stores, repositories and archives
  • Keep files in one location, access through RSpace connections
  • Support for connecting to multiple concurrent file systems
  • Full audit trail
  • Signing and Witnessing of documents
Researchers love RSpace Enterprise
  • Best in class fully-featured eLab Notebook
  • Easy to get started and use
  • Connect labs across institutions for collaborative work
Enterprise level security
  • All login attempts are logged and can be further processed by tools such as syslog or nagios
  • Backups can be performed using standard Unix/ SQL commands and therefore can be easily scheduled
  • Integrates with institutional single sign on mechanism for user authentication
Supports institution-wide collaboration and administration
  • Allows collaboration between multiple labs
  • Create and administer RSpace communities around departments, schools, institutes and colleges
  • Directories allow researchers and PIs to identify and collaborate with other researchers
Protect IP and maintain compliance
  • Full audit trail automatically created by RSpace
  • Secure and easily managed signing and witnessing features
  • Multiple support for 21 CFR 11

You can read more on our Security documentation page.

Federated authentication
  • Authorized Service Provider for UK Access Management Federation
  • Authorized Service Provider to eduGAIN member federations, including SURFnet and SWITCHaai
Easy to deploy, roll out and administer
  • Cloud and on-premises options
  • LDAP / Shibboleth Support
  • Tiered administration
  • System Admin features and support for deployment management
  • ‘Operate As’ for user support
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