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Improved templates in RSpace 1.36

Here in the development team we’re busy preparing the next release of RSpace which we plan to make available on July 14th. This release, we’ve completely overhauled the Templating system. We know that many of you use Templates but are frustrated that it’s so difficult to share them with your group. So, from the next release, Templates will no longer live in the Gallery but will live in the Workspace, like all your other documents. This means that you’ll be able to work with Templates much more easily and have access to all the functionality you get with regular documents – sharing, export, signing, etc.

Some of the improvements you’ll see are:

  • You will be able to create documents from a Template in several places, not just the ‘Create’ menu.
  • Improved Template search – we’ve added a Template filter that will restrict your search just to Templates.
  • When viewing or editing a template, you’ll see a clear visual indicator that you’re working with a Template and not a regular document.
  • Access to revision history of Templates.
  • Sharing Templates!

Together with the ‘Import from MSWord’ feature that we added in 1.35, there is now a much more streamlined way to get shared lab Word documents into RSpace as templates:

  1. Import (singly or in batch) as many MSWord documents as you like.
  2. Create Templates from these documents.
  3. Share them with your group.
  4. Now all your group can create documents from the shared Templates!

As ever, we’ll be really happy to receive your comments and feedback on these improvements.


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