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Connect your Data
Best in Class eLab Notebook
  • Intuitive organisation of lab data and access to shared resources
  • Create rich content: tables, annotations, chemical structures, sketches
  • Strong file management, intuitive document sharing, powerful search
  • Automate tasks with templates, re-usable formats and snippet content
  • Secure – protect intellectual property, and safely store data
Easy to get up and running
  • Set up a group in seconds – see our Getting Started guide
  • Flexible – adapts to how you work
  • Dedicated and responsive support for data import and team set-up
Collaborate – in the Lab and with Other Labs
  • Share Documents
  • Collaborative editing and streamlined internal communications
  • Create and share templates to ensure common workflows
  • Collaborate with any lab, anywhere in the world
  • Enjoy all the collaborative features of lab groups
Integrates with existing data sources and workflows
  • Integrates with Dropbox, Box, Google Drive and others
  • Exports data to a choice of formats for presentations, archiving or publications
  • Compliant with funding bodies’ Data Management requirements, 21 CFR Part 11
  • Comprehensive publish and share options
Better Lab Management
  • PI view of all documents created by lab members
  • Delegate administration and management
  • Supervise lab members and assign tasks
  • Access your research and monitor on the move 24/7
  • Build a knowledge bank of protocols and workflows
  • Fast on-boarding of new lab members
Supports you and your data through your career
  • Move seamlessly between RSpace Community and RSpace Enterprise
  • Export data to institutional and domain-specific archives and repositories
  • Export data for publications
Protect IP and maintain compliance
  • Full audit trail automatically created by RSpace
  • Secure and easily managed signing and witnessing features
  • Multiple support for 21 CFR 11
Get Started

Set up RSpace for a lab

Follow the 5 simple steps below

1- Sign up and invite users
2- Set up resources
3- Import or create protocols
4- Share documents lab-wide
5- Work on your experiments
Get simple step-by-step instructions in this page
Or, open the instructions as a PDF

Get started as an individual RSpace user

Follow the 5 simple steps below

1- Sign up
2- Explore your Workspace
3- Create content
4- Reuse selections and structures
5- Collaborate with other researchers
View the Get started as an individual RSpace user guide
Or, see a PDF of the guide
Guidance and Support
Trusted by institutions around the world
The University of Edinburgh
University of Geneva
Baylor College of Medicine
Integrations - RSpace lets you keep working with your existing tools.
Documents and Files
Documents and Files
Documents and Files
Google Drive
Google Drive
Documents and Files
Documents and Files
Documents and Files
Documents and Files
Documents and Files
Archives and Repositories
Archives and Repositories, Enterprise - Archives and Repositories
Archives and Repositories


Continuously Growing Together
Our US office is based at the Harvard Launch Lab, an incubator run by
Harvard University alumni next to the Harvard campus. This makes us
part of the dynamic Harvard innovation community which includes the
adjacent Pagliuca Harvard Life Lab, a curated co-working community of
high potential life sciences ventures.


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