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To allow for a more intuitive user experience and speed up editing of documents RSpace employs the tooltips feature.

Tooltips are context-sensitive hints describing available actions which may not be immediately obvious.

When the document editor is in edit mode, hints are displayed unobtrusively in the notification area (see screenshot). Hints appear after certain elements within the document are selected via a single click (e.g. sketches, comments etc).

For example, after selecting an image the following tooltip is displayed:


As of version 1.35 the following hint texts have been added:

  • Comment selected: “Hint: double-click on the comment for extra options”
  • Image/annotation/sketch selected: “Hint: double-click on the image to open annotation tool”
  • Chemicals selected: “Hint: double-click on the chemical structure to edit it”
  • Attachments selected: “Hint: double-click on the attachment icon for extra options”
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