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You may find you want to reuse content or repeat the structure of your RSpace documents, sometimes many times or with small variations. RSpace provides several ways of reusing elements of work you have done, and of storing elements you wish to reuse in easily accessible ways. Templates and Snippets take portions of existing documents and store them as starting points for making new documents. Forms are a concept within RSpace where the user defines a reusable structure for a document (with no content in the structure), such as a process or a required set of steps, and that structure is used each time a new document is made based on the form. So, a form needs to be created (see Creating Documents, Forms) before being used, while templates are based on an existing document.


Sometimes you’ll find yourself wanting to re-use some, but not all, of the content of a document many times, such as an experiment where one component and the result changes each time and everything else is the same, or very similar. Templates are reusable documents that can be used to generate new content quickly and easily when some elements do not change. Templates are made from an existing document, allowing a choice of what to keep from the original.

Creating Templates

The quickest way to create a template is from a simple  document. In this case you don’t have the option of the different field formats (e.g. dates, multi-choice options) a form offers, but it takes less time.

To create a Template from a document:

  1. Click on the ‘Workspace’ tab to go to the Workspace view
  2. Click on the name of the document you wish to make a Template from to open it
  3. Click on the ‘Save as Template’ button
  4. A dialogue box will appear asking you to name the Template and which fields you wish to include content from (for a simple document there will only be one field, ‘Data’)
  5. Check the box marked ‘Data’
  6. Click ‘OK’
  7. Your Template will now appear in the ‘Templates’ folder in your Workspace (in versions prior to 1.36, Templates appeared in the Gallery)


Templates may also be created from documents with multiple fields, such as documents created from Forms. To create a template from a Form, you must first save the Form as a document

Open the document created from a form in RSpace. At this stage you may fill the fields of your form-based document that will remain the same between experiments. 

Once you have opened the form and filled out fields you must save it as a Template.

  1. Select ‘Save as Template’
  2. A dialogue box will appear
  3. Fill out the desired name for your Template
  4. In the ‘include contents from these fields’ section, select the boxes of the constant fields you have filled in (Materials and Methods in the example)
  5. Leave fields which vary with each experiment unticked (Date and Results in this example)
  6. Click ‘OK’
  7. Your Template will now appear in the ‘Templates’ folder in your Workspace (in versions prior to 1.36, Templates appeared in the Gallery)

Template 3

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