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All users can share documents directly with any other user and work collaboratively (but not at the same time) on the shared document. A document which one user shares with another appears marked with a shared icon in their own Workspace and appears in the Shared folder of the other user in a sub-folder labelled Individual Share Items.

Users who are in a group can still share individually with anyone else, using the methods described below, but they simply have more group-related options available when they share – see here to see more about sharing options for users in groups. Users who are not a member of a group can also share with anyone, and effectively have the broadest options for sharing that users in groups have: they can share with any individual on the system or with any group once they find them, but the share must be accepted by the recipient(s) of the invite before any collaboration can proceed and the document appears in their sharedalone individua folder.

So, to share a document, first select the document’s checkbox in the Workspace. In the context menu which appears, select ‘Share’. The dialog which this reveals has two sections, one for sharing with one or more individual users, and one for sharing with one or more RSpace groups. You can select any amount and combination of users and full groups before clicking the final ‘Share’ button to send share requests to all users individually entered or in the chosen groups. The individuals section has an autocomplete on each row you add – if you know a user’s name, username or email address, start typing and select the user when they appear in the drop-down list: this will select their email address for contact. If you want to contact someone not known to RSpace, then simply enter their email address and they will be contacted along with any existing users, though they will need to sign up before they can see your document.

The groups section also has an autocomplete to help with finding a group you know or can approximate the name of – again, start typing to see suggestions below. If you don’t know any groups, you can look them up in the Directory.


In both sections, the share can be set to read or write permission, and individual or group rows in your list can be deleted from the list before proceeding to share. In all cases, the share only occurs when the recipient accepts the share invite. Once you have shared documents with other users, you retain the ability to change share permission you have set or to cancel sharing altogether. To do this, go to My RSpace and select Manage Shared Documents from the scrolling menu (you may need to scroll to see this option, depending on other available options). Find the document share in the list and change permissions or Unshare as required.

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