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RSpace revision points are created each time an explicit Save is made on as document – as opposed to the regular autosaves which occur as you work, which save in the current editing session but are either saved to the revision history when you save or close, or can be reverted instead by using the Undo option in a text field, or by closing the document and choosing to leave without saving.

When a document has been explicitly saved with one of the available Save options, a new entry is created in the revisions table. Users can access the revision history of their documents and find details of changes made, with choices to view the revision and to restore the version if required.

To see the revision history of a document, find the document in your Workspace and click its Options checkbox. In the Option menu, select the Revisions button. A page appears showing the history of the document. The name and version number should be clear (though any name change of the document since it was created will show here) and there is information in the next columns for who made edits and when. The Modifications Details column shows what actions were performed or what firelds were edited in the revision – this can become quite an extensive list if many actions were performed in one editing session before saving, but it allows precise location of activities without needing to repeatedly view the document. Finally, there are clickable links at the end of each row to View or Restore the document.


Deleted documents can always be restored in RSpace. To restore a document that has been deleted, click on ‘My Rspace’ and navigate to ‘View Deleted Documents’ section. There you will see a list of all deleted documents. The rightmost column, Options, shows what actions can be taken: click either ‘View’ or ‘Restore’ the document in question. Once a deleted document has been restored, it will reappear in its original location in RSpace (e.g. Workspace).

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