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Inserting Images from the Gallery to Documents

Images (and in some cases videos) are not added as attachments but are displayed inline in the text field and are inserted at the point in the text where the cursor is located when the ‘Insert’ is performed. Images stored in the Gallery can be accessed via the Insert menu in the editor, you can browse a pop-up version of the Gallery to find the required file. Images from your computer which are not already in the RSpace Gallery can be dragged and dropped directly into the editor field – a copy of the image is stored in the Gallery after this operation, and can then be used in other documents.

To place an image from the Gallery in your document:

  • Place your cursor in an edit mode text field where you want the image to go.
  • Click the Insert button at the top of the editor, and choose ‘Insert from gallery’ in the options drop-down.
  • In the Gallery pop-up (which should be by default at the Image Gallery) browse to the image you wish to use and select its checkbox.
  • In the menu which appears at the top of the Gallery, choose Insert. The Gallery dialog closes and your image is place in the text field. You can select the image in the editor to re-size it, or use the resize button in the editor for more precise control, and you can add annotations (detailed later in this section).



Inserting Images not in the Gallery to Documents

Images can be inserted directly into a document from a variety of sources, such as from your  computer RSpace, from a remote URL or from a file repository such as Dropbox. Images inserted in this way will appear in the document as normal, but will also be placed into the Gallery in the background. The file will now be available for other documents.

Files can be placed in the document by drag and drop from another open window on the local computer, or by accessing the options in the ‘Insert’ menu of the Text Editor.

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