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Enabling Google Hangouts Chat

As of version 1.50 RSpace offers integration with Google Hangouts Chat. This allows RSpace users to post links to RSpace documents directly into Google Hangouts channels.

In order to be able to integrate RSpace with Google Hangouts Chat we need to firstly retrieve information regarding the channel label and the webhook(public link that allows outside interaction with the channel). We describe the procedures below:

  1. To find the Webhook link of the channel first navigate to the Google Hangouts channel that you wish to integrate RSpace with. Once there, follow the scheme below to retrieve the link:
  2.  Once the webhooks menu is open, copy the link of one of the existing webhooks that have already been defined for your channel. If no webhooks have been previously defined for your Google Hangouts channel simply add a new one as shown below:
  3. Once you have a webhook simply highlight it and copy its link – we will be using that later on to finish the integration:

To finish the integration, we must now look back at the RSpace account and follow the next steps:

  1. Click on the ‘Apps’ tab in RSpace to open the ‘Apps’ page
  2. Click on the ‘Google Hangouts’ box to enable it
  3. A dialogue box will open below the app buttons:
  4. If the box informs you Google Hangouts is currently disabled click the ‘Enable’ button
  5. Click ‘Add Room’ to add a new Google Hangouts chatroom:
  6. Enter the webhook link and a name for the room to fully integrate RSpace with Google Hangouts:
Posting a Document to Google Hangouts from RSpace
  1. Go to the workspace and select the RSpace document you wish to link to from Google Hangouts Chat
  2. Select the Google Hangouts Chat room you wish to post the document to from the drop down list
  3. Enter a message to post alongside the document if you wish
  4. Click ‘Send’
  5. A direct link to the document in RSpace will appear in the chosen Google Hangouts Chat room, along with any message you included, as shown below.
Google Hangouts Chat to RSpace Commands Interaction

As of version 1.50, RSpace has introduced functionality similar to the Slack slash command interaction for Google Hangouts. This allows user to ineract with their notebooks via an @rspace command. Thus far, RSpace has the following commands available to use with Google Hangouts:


Introduced in version 1.50, Search allows users to perform a search in RSpace and show the results in Google Hangouts. To search RSpace from Hangouts, follow the next steps:

  1. In the Google Hangouts input message box type @rspace help. This command will issue a prompt that describes how to use the command, as depicted below:
  2. As an example, let’s assume we created a Getting Started notebook that we want to share over Hangouts. By simply typing @rspace search Getting Started we link a copy of the notebook that will redirect anyone clicking on it to the copy on the RSpace website:
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