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Often you will want to quickly see metadata about files or folders stored in RSpace, without opening the file itself. As of version 1.37 we have introduced an ‘info button’ for all documents(including links to both internal and external file-stores) in the Workspace to provide this information.

When the info button is clicked on, a pop-up window similar to the one below opens. It contains the following information about the file:

  • Name
  • The Unique RSpace Id of the file/folder
  • Type (Structured Document, Folder, Notebook, Image, Snippet, Video, Audio)
  • Owner
  • Creation Date (MM/DD/YY hh:mm AM/PM)
  • Modification Date (MM/DD/YY hh:mm AM/PM)
  • Signature Status (from v1.42: unsigned; signed (for signed / locked documents); signed, awaiting witness (at least one witness pending, no one witnessed); signed and witnessed (at least one witness witnessed); signed, all witnesses declined (no witnesses pending, everyone declined)
  • Tags associated with the file/folder
  • Captions associated with the file/folder (for the creator only)
  • Who the file/folder is shared with, whether they are a group or individual and their access (read/write)

File Info Button

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