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If you have files stored on the cloud, RSpace has been configured to directly access common cloud storage facilities from icons in your text editor. Using this mechanism, you can access your stored files as you work and include them in your documents like you would any other local file. Supported cloud file stores are Dropbox, Box, Google Drive and OneDrive, and these appear as icons in the toolbars of your RSpace Text Editor. Files are embedded as links or inline images/video as would happen with normal file insertion, but the attachment link is to your remote resource so will need authentication to view. Files can also be retrieved from Dropbox, Box, Google Drive and OneDrive into your Gallery, from where they can be used and re-used like any other Gallery files.

To connect to your Dropbox account while you work:

You must be in edit mode in a document text field, with the text editor open for editing. Click in the text field to create an insertion point for your file. Go to the toolbars above the text field, and move your mouse over the last few icons in the bottom toolbar – the text and icons indicate the cloud storage options. Select the Dropbox icon, if this is where you have files stored. A dialog pops up asking you to authenticate – enter your details, then, when access is confirmed, browse through your files and select the file you wish to use.  Confirm the file choice to have it inserted into your document at the current cursor position.

A file attachment inserted in this manner will require you to authenticate again when you open the file to view (if you are not currently authenticated). If this personal access is what you are aiming for, then you can proceed and add more files in this way. You may choose to set up an account and use it in this way if you want to keep files in one location, and access them from multiple applications including RSpace. If you are working collaboratively, and your collaborators also have access to the same storage location, then this is also a viable workflow. If you have collaborators who can’t access your file storage, then you might want to consider either downloading files you wish to use to your local computer and uploading to the RSpace Gallery, or importing directly with the Gallery’s Import menu.

Integrating RSpace with other cloud file stores is just as simple as Dropbox integration:

Connect to a Box account
Connect to a Google Drive account
Connect to a OneDrive account

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