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As of version 1.38, Notebooks in RSpace allow Documents to be added to them. This is useful should you wish to retrospectively add, for example, a protocol or some results to your Notebook alongside the relevant experiment. It also allows greater flexibility over managing Notebooks. If, for example, you create a Notebook entry as a Document from a Template, or save it in the wrong place, you may now add it to the intended Notebook retrospectively.

Basic Move: Moving Documents into Unshared Notebooks

If a Notebook is unshared (i.e. only you can edit or view it), there are certain conditions that must be satisfied in order for you to move a document into it.

  • You must be the owner of the Document source
  • You must be the owner of the Notebook destination
  • The selected Document to move is not selected from within a Notebook (you can only move into a Notebook from the Workspace or a Folder)

To move a document into a notebook do the following:

  1. From the Workspace, or within a folder, select the Document you wish to move
  2. Select the ‘Move’ button that appears in the menu bar
  3. Select the desired Notebook as the destination of your move
  4. When you open the Notebook the moved Document appears there

Moving a Document into a Notebook does not change it’s creation date or other metadata. The Notebook pages will remain ordered by their creation date, rather than the date they were added to the Notebook.

Adding Documents to NotebooksAdding Documents to Notebooks(1)

Creating a Document into a Notebook

When you import a Document from Word or create a new Document from a Template, it is possible to save it into a Notebook as follows:

  1. Select the Template you wish to create the document from, or the Word Document you wish to import
  2. Click the ‘Create Document’ button that appears
  3. Select the Notebook you wish to create the Document in in the dialogue box that opens
  4. Click ‘Create’

Adding Documents to Notebooks(2)

Documents Within Shared Notebooks

Notebooks created within RSpace are owned first and foremost by their creator. This is analogous to the traditional paper lab books used by researchers.

As of version 1.38 it is possible to share your Documents into other peoples’ Notebooks. If you do this, then you do lose some control over your document – the Notebook owner retains full control over their notebook and can re-share your Document  with other people.

Shared Notebooks have the following properties:

  • The Notebook owner can edit all the entries in the Notebook, both their own and those shared by other users
  • When a Notebook is shared all entries within the Notebook, both current and future, are shared with the same permissions as the Notebook
  • When a user shares a Document into someone else’s Notebook, it doesn’t matter whether they do it with Read or Write permissions. This will be controlled by the Notebook owner.
  • Notebook owners can subsequently share Notebooks for Read or Write with other users. The Document owner can retake control by unsharing the Document
  • Only the shared Notebook owner or Document owner may delete, or unshare, individual entries within the Notebook
  • PIs and lab admins may unshare the entire Notebook, but not individual entries within the Notebook

Documents shared into shared Notebooks have the following properties:

  • The privileges of the Document are set by the owner of the Notebook, and match the privileges of the Notebook
  • The Document creator may take back control by deleting the Document from the Notebook but they cannot edit it’s privileges
  • The Document may not be moved to another Notebook or Folder from within the shared Notebook
  • The Documents metadata and history remains in tact
Creating a Shared Notebook
  1. Create a Notebook in the usual way, or use a pre-existing Notebook
  2. Select the Notebook from within the Workspace
  3. Click on the “Sharing” button
  4. Select the group or individuals you wish to share the Notebook with, and whether you wish them to have Read or Write access
  5. Click ‘Share’
  6. When you click on the Info icon next to the Notebook it will show who the Notebook is shared with, and what permissions they have

Adding Documents to Notebooks(3)

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