The first step is to sign up– it’s completely free and takes only a few minutes. Go to and fill in your details. Once you have done this, an activation link will be sent to the email address you provided. You will be able to log in as soon as you click the activation link to confirm your signup.

Get Started as an individual RSpace user

When you log in to RSpace, the first thing you see is your Workspace. The Workspace is your default point of entry, and it is from here that most actions in RSpace take place. You can create, view, edit, share, and organize documents of all types in your Workspace. There are two folders visible in Workspace by default: Examples and Shared. The Examples folder provides you with example documents of varying types. The Shared folder will be empty until you join a labgroup or begin collaborating with other RSpace users.


The other tabs you see in RSpace are Gallery, Messaging, My RSpace, and Help. The Gallery tab is a storage and management area for files and documents that can be used in RSpace documents. You can view messages and notifications and configure messaging and notification settings from the Messaging tab. My RSpace is where you can customize your RSpace profile, manage sharing preferences, import and export work, and more. Help is your in-app connection to our external help and support documentation.

Now that you are familiar with the setup of RSpace, you can begin creating content. The Create menu in Workspace contains a customizable list of document and content types that you can create. Simply click Create and select an option from the dropdown. Information on forms and how to add items to your Create menu can be found here.


You can reuse content selections, content and structures in RSpace easily using Snippets, Forms and Templates. A snippet is a fragment of content from a text field. A template is a way to replicate the structure and chosen content from a document. Forms are structures built from content-specific fields which can be used as empty structural frameworks for consistently arranged documents.


Sharing documents with individuals and groups is straightforward, and it gives you the option to connect with other RSpace users and collaborate on larger projects. The diagram below illustrates the steps for sharing with individuals and groups.


That’s it! You were able to get started as an individual RSpace user, and now know your way around the application!

Please visit our support and FAQ pages for more information. See here for how to set up RSpace for a lab.