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The user roles in RSpace Enterprise are very similar to those in RSpace Community, with the addition of System Admin. The roles are listed here:

  • User
  • PI (Primary Investigator)
  • Lab Admin
  • System Admin

Regular users of RSpace Enterprise have all the standard capabilities and permissions in RSpace: they can create and edit documents, and share them with their LabGroup. Documents created by user X are automatically viewable by the PI of the user X’s LabGroup, in addition to any other users that user X gives view and/or edit permissions.

PI users are in charge of LabGroups in RSpace, and as such they can view all the content created by members of their LabGroup, in addition to managing group membership and inviting new users. PI users can choose to delegate certain administrative tasks to Lab Admins.

Lab Admins are regular users who get appointed to admin status by their PI, giving them additional group administration capabilities. The PI may choose whether to allow admins the ability to view content created by other users in the Lab Group.

Finally, System Admins are in charge of managing the specific RSpace Enterprise deployment at a given institution. They can create new users (either individually or as a batch upload), configure institutional file store, manage LDAP and Single Sign On integration. See this section for more detailed information on system administration.

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